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Good Photography

With the onset of the many gadgets that you can now very well enjoy, it’s pretty easy to see how you can actually get into the habit and passion of photography. All over social media, you see and find people who are already into taking good photos and posting those photos themselves. While witnessing all of this, whether it’s already on a tech blog or it’s simply on someone else’s Facebook account, you come to think to yourself: “Can I do that, too?”

In more ways than one, the answer is an obvious ‘Yes’. You simply need to learn a few key steps to be able to take great photos. However, after doing your multiple rounds and multiple shoots, another question would be how to choose good photos. When there are simply too many of them, what can you do?

Don’t take too many of them in the first place.

phoneUnfortunately, you can’t just buy photography skills from online shops like Lazada and Zalora, dear. What you can do, however, is to make sure that you don’t take photos rashly. So, first word of advice is to not take too many photographs. Be more discerning in taking them; it’ll help for when you will need to choose just one.

Choose those images that will perfectly reflect your style as a photographer.

This is something you’ll need to think about. What sort of photographer do you want to be known as? Someone who does well with portraits? A nature-lover? Whatever the case may be, make sure that the photo that makes the cut perfectly mirrors this style and this statement. Otherwise, you’ll get a confused portfolio.

Be quick in deciding.

While this might sound like you’re ruthless about it, don’t worry. It’s not something bad at all. The thing with being too slow in your picking is that you end up looming and not really achieving much at all. As logic would tell you, if the problem is in choosing which photos to include, then whether you like it or not, you do have to choose. You see, the bigger failure is not in failing to choose great photos from your device. The bigger failure is in failing to choose, period.


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  1. Honey

    Good photos are still taken with good camera and sensible angling. Most pictures that are astoundingly good are not taken using the phone.


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